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Is it profitable to invest in real estate right now in Greece?

Rami Yazbek – Greece

The Real estate market in Greece has risen the most in the last year, in addition to an increase of 200% in tourism in 2022 vs 2021.

1 million tourists are arriving per week since August 2022 a fact that leads you to ask: can i visit this city without feeling at home? Absolutely no! So, is it profitable to invest in real estate right now?

Today, investors are focused on the markets at the beginning of the recovery phase, where housing prices dramatically decreased several years ago but are starting to grow bit by bit.

By investing in Greece, you invest in your future – you have the opportunity to create a safe harbor in the country that offers social and political security, and a high standard of living in general.

In addition to the above, it marked an impressive increase in foreign direct investment exceeding 5 billion euros. This confirms that the Greek economy is on an upward trend, the result of the successful effort made in recent years to attract foreign investment to Greece such as: 

Microsoft who invested 1 billion euros in data centers in Greece.

Pfizer’s flagship investment that is expected to exceed 600 million euros in profits in a decade and creates over 700 new jobs.

Amazon Web services also has a planned investment of 150-200 million euros.

Next e.go Mobile, a German manufacturer of electric vehicles and sustainable mobility systems, is to invest in Greece for the production of 30,000 electric cars. The investment is expected to reach 100 million euros and includes an electric car assembly factory in Greece.

Furthermore, the Construction industry will generate 10,000 new jobs and 75,000 job openings after completion. It is estimated that after completion, the project will contribute up to 2.4 percent to the Greek GDP.

Are you still thinking of Greece as a vacation destination only?

Plan the trip, visit Yazbek Real Estate offices in Greece and make your dream come true!

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